1974 Buick Apollo air cleaner element decal

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by 25yrBuickTECH, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    I know that they make these repo decals for other makes. I was wondering if, with computer technology as it is, is it possible to print one of the air filter decals on vinyl using a picture of one, or getting one close to what I need and scanning it, then reprinting
    it with the code and numbers I need. is anyone out there smarter than I am at this?
    They will NOT make them for the Apollo.

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  2. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    still nobody out there with an original 1974 350 2bbl Apollo with
    the original air cleaner, with the decal on it?
    I have most of mine there if anyone needs what
    info there is left on there. Help a brother out.
    Like stated, I need the part number and other odd code on the lower left of the decal.
    no one is repo'ing these because of low demand.
    Thanks to all.
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  3. Racing_Fan

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    I was about to throw out my old air cleaner but I just ran out to the garage and snapped this picture, hope this helps even thought its a bit worn/dirty. I'm not sure I have the photo upload thing down yet, so if you message me your email address I can send you the image.

    As far as someone to do this, it looks like there are a few people on eBay that create custom stickers/labels, I bet one of them could do it. Just an idea.
  4. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    looks like it's all there.
    can you read the small numbers below the air filter application?
    they're really small.
    was this off of a 1974? The main code is B D
  5. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    Can you read the numbers under the AA on the left lower bottom of the decal?
    That would help me.This air cleaner is off an "A" body car, but I'd still like to know the numbers.

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  6. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    Thanks, my friend.
  7. 25yrBuickTECH

    25yrBuickTECH Well-Known Member

    ...still looking for a good pic of a 1974 X-body (Apollo) air cleaner decal.

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