1972 Chevy K30 Longhorn

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  1. 68GS400Conv

    68GS400Conv Hunting for parts

    I figured I'd show you guys my 72 K30 I have built over the course of 10 years or so. This truck started out as a 2wd rusty truck from Minnesota. It was supposed to be a conversion and get it drive able project and morphed into, Oh I want this, and this, and so on and on. Haha

    Right now it has a 5.9 Cummins 24v from a 01 Dodge with a mechanical injection pump form a 9812v, it has 2 turbos, a built 47rh automatic transmission, NP205 transfer case, Dodge D60 and a Dodge D80 in the rear. It has 4 link and air bags in the rear, Dakota Digital gauges, very hard to find era correct 16.5x9.75 steel wheels that accept stock hub caps, and a lot more.

    I wanted to build this truck because my first truck was a 1969 Chevy Longhorn. Chevrolet never built these in 4x4 and I wanted 4x4 plus a diesel too. Here are some pics of it currently. I still need to finish the bed, and I have a list a mile long of things I'd like to add and finish. I guess I'll have to resize some pics and try again later.

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    Nice looking truck!

    I had a 68 and 69 GMC 1 ton dually's and a 72K5. Love that body style.
  3. 68GS400Conv

    68GS400Conv Hunting for parts

    Thanks. This is what the truck looked like it after I removed the front suspension out of it when I first got it. That BBC was going in it at one time.

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  4. School me... I know nothing about diesels.

    Is it possible to put mechanical injection - no electronics on a duramax?
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