1971 GS Protecto Plate option decode

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by M10jb, May 28, 2020.

  1. M10jb

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    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a 1971 GS 455 Vert that I am trying to figure out the accessory codes at the bottom of the POP. Also I thought a 455 with air would have a 3.42 rear not the 3.08 LSB?

    This forum has been great! Amazing amount of knowledge here. pop 1971 edit.PNG

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    A 3.08 ratio without positraction was standard for a ‘71 GS 455 (code LAB). Your car did come with the optional positraction according to the LSB code.

    I’ll try to find the list to decode the accessory codes.
  3. thepartsman

    thepartsman Back Ordered Again ?

    1 = Power Brakes
    2 = A.C.
    6 = AM-FM Radio
    8 = Power Steering
  4. M10jb

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    Great, thanks for the last pieces of the puzzle.
  5. dynaflow

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    ...congrats on your purchase and welcome to world of documenting a '71. LSB was 3.08 posi, performance posi (3.42) would have been LWB. As mentioned, 3.08 was standard ratio with 455. Option codes on POP use one digit per option, that's at most 10. There were more available options. If you were lucky enough to also get car's "IBM Card" (Glove Box Copy) or window sticker, all your options codes will be there. Without more original documentation, it's detective work, as there's no official '71 documentation source. I assume since you only asked about option codes, you've already decoded the rest of the POP...
  6. M10jb

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    Thanks for the added info. I was able with help of the forum to figure out the rest of the POP and confirm the original TH400 and rear end. The motor is not original to the car but is a 1971 serial number, 71 carb and intake. I was also from the POP able to track down the original owners family who parted with the car in 2001. Unfortunately, that is all of the documentation I have on the car. The gas tank was dropped by the second owner with the restore and the build sheet was not there. I am sure at some point I will look deeper into the interior for another sheet. Very cool to track the history or what I can find of the history. I was unaware of the 1971 black hole of documentation when I bought the car but feel satisfied with what I know so far.
  7. telriv

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    I found a build sheet in the left front A pillar, curled up & obscured from view & painted over at one time by a paint shop.
  8. Dano

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    I think that may be the only part of my '71 GS convertible that hasn't been apart. Will have to check.
  9. M10jb

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    Well I struck out on the A pillars. I then decided to remove the back seat, still no build sheet but I did find a 3x5 card with codes on it. When I was browsing the forum I thought someone else came across a similar card. I also found a convertible hose leak so good thing I checked.

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  10. Duane

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    That is what I call the "Fisher Body Cheat Sheet". That style is from Flint, and was used to build the interiors.

    If you do a search for "Fisher Body Cheat Sheet" you will probably get some hits here and a lot of info.

    You may find another one under the front seat on the passenger side.

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