1970 Tri shield passenger side mirror (!!!!!)- $209 TPP

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by gd2227, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Brett Slater

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  2. TTNC

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    Thank you for that. That photo with the bracket screwed to the outside of the door made it all come together in my head.

    Anybody using seam sealer or silicone or anything in those holes to prevent rust?
  3. Brett Slater

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    I didn't use anything.

    The car also never gets wet, so...
  4. LARRY70GS

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    I can't think of any downside to doing so.
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  5. Electra Bob

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    This picture tells pretty much the whole story. It's for a '72 but with the correct template the instructions are quite clear.
    1 - Position and tape the template according to the model and reference points.
    2 - Center punch through the template. I photocopied my original to not damage it.
    3 - Use small diameter pilot drill to help avoid wandering
    4 - Drill to finish size.
    5 - Attach base and gasket with supplied sheet metal screws
    6 - Locate mirror on base and attache with one screw.
    7 - Wonder if that one screw is enough to retain the mirror!
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  6. TTNC

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  7. 12lives

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    Brett - did you have another mirror on there before?
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  8. Brett Slater

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    There was a 70's style aftermarket one on when I got it.

    Hence, the extra holes.
  9. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Good job covering the holes!
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  10. ToddsGS

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    - I see in the photo above: the mirror, a black gasket, a cad plated bracket with a few holes in it, and one screw. Then I see Todd's post #41 above saying he has the correct mounting screws for these. Does this mean I need more than whats in the photo to mount one of these, or are his screws a replacement for the single one in the photo for one that is more correct in appearance or something like that? The Reproduction Mirrors come with a Mounting Screw which holds the Mirror to the Bracket. I stock them as well as the Correct Hex Screws that hold the Bracket to the Door. [​IMG] Two of these are required. .35 Cents each on my Website.....

    - What does the assembly stack up look like? Is that cad bracket between the mirror and the black gasket or is it inside the door against the inside of the door skin or something? Gasket goes on top of the door, Bracket goes on top or inside of the Gasket - then the mirror mounts to the Bracket.

    - Does the window glass have to come out of the door to do this job? Nope, you can do this job without removing any glass.

    - Any difference for hardtop vs. convertible doors? Nope, all the same....

    - Anything else I should know? I have the best price! :)

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