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    Well my GS350 4speed car came factory with a bench. I just thought about swapping the auto in the Skylark to a manual and putting this trans in.
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    Hey All,

    Sorry I had started my job on Monday, so I have been pretty busy lately, and updates will be fewer and further between in the near future.

    My objective was to remove as little sheet metal as possible, so the cut walked an inch back from my mark, and was made with a sawzall. I am going to have to go a little further in the front to gain additional clearance, as well as clean up some of the edges, but the transmission is real close to lining up.

    Pbulski, my cut started a little smaller, but is going to grow bere pretty soon in the front area, but should not need to be any wider or longer from what I can see so far. My goal is to minimize the tunnel size (of course I want the trans to fit properly and have clearance, but you get the idea) as to impact the carpet the least.

    31B47FA8-DF5D-48C8-A72D-68035AB7E7C7.jpeg E5376A51-6BA7-495A-A0BC-14837D647CC5.jpeg

    The front of the tunnel will need about an inch more of cut to be able to get the transmission to line up and fit the rubber mount onto the isolator. SST shipped me the wrong cross member ends as well as pedal assembly so the pause has been convenient to get those switched out. They were responsive and shipped me the correct parts free of charge.

    I would call tremec, SST, or American powertrain and see. There are multiple shifter locations, and the front shift location may work in a bench seat application. Mine being in the rear would not be compatible with the bench seat. It's probably pretty close that the front shift location would work though! Once I get the transmission lined up correctly (by cutting more) I'll have a better idea.

    I don't think door panels will be in the cards, as a post car I would have to get them custom made, and that's just not in the budget right now. I'll try to get more progress and pictures for y'all soon!


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