1970 Canadian GS/Skylark Owners Manual

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  1. Tom Rix

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    This is a mint/perfect original Canadian 1970 Buick GS/Skylark/Sportwagon Owners Manual. The outside cover is completely different and the inside cover has GM of Canada Limited, Oshawa, Ontario printed at the bottom of the page. The information inside is 98% identical to the USA vesion but has the Canadian Zone Offices listed ahead of the US Zone Offices and several other small changes. This is the only one I have ever seen.

    $50 shipped lower 48, $55 shipped Canada. Money back if not satisfied.

    PM me if you would like to purchase.

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  2. Tom Rix

    Tom Rix Well-Known Member

  3. yacster

    yacster Lv the gun tk the Canolis

    Hey Tom Is the difference in the US to Canadian manual have the ending of each sentence with "doughn't chya know??"

    Sorry it was irresistable:bla:
  4. chris roesch

    chris roesch Say what again, i dare u

    never seen strange brew EH!.....they end everything with pi55 off eh! ya hoser.....rick moranas and dave thomas kill me in that movie. EH!
  5. Buickless

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    You beat me to it.

    That is a pretty nice manual EH ! :laugh:

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