1970 buick skylark parts,project or make a gs clone

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    car is a parts car or a project,you decide.
    being sold as is with all parts gathered,not parting it out.
    has brand new front and rear white interior seats sitting in car
    brand new white headliner/still in box.
    all patterns match and interior is black/white.
    comes with 5 original buick wheels,iroc wheels shown on car do not.
    i bought this off cl awhile back it was mostly original and drove fairly well except for the brakes.
    all the wiring and lights worked.
    i have since removed all carpeting and cleaned the car to assess condition.

    the bad
    the grille is there but cracked in various places.
    the floor needs patching in drivers side,and rear corner back seat side of passenger.
    the windshield is cracked and the roof is dented from a tree branch whacking it.
    the trunk needs a patch,altho its the floor piece and not up into the rear raised bumper area.
    the fenders that were on it were used w a liftoff hood and have no hinges.
    the 1972 buick centurion 455 motor does not spin over,
    it was stored for many years in a barn,and is complete with the turbo 400 trans as well.
    it was running when pulled.
    there is no exhaust for the car.

    the good.
    car was a framingham mass built car so the 12 bolt is there already.
    its mostly still original paint so what you see is what you get no surprises.
    the bumpers still shine altho they could use a rechrome.
    all glass and lights present.
    the black interior is in decent condition and looks good,even the dash is good.
    i have rounded up some parts for it.
    tilt steering column w original vgc wheel.
    a original and excellent condition 800cfm carb for the 455 motor
    2 extra sets of front fenders,one set is og and dented but all there
    other set is light surface rust and no dents and has hinges
    extra set of doors,with light rust and one rot spot lower front,good to rework.
    a good dash radio bezel
    a white set of power window door panels,fair condition
    various extra inside trim pieces from a buick gs,mostly dash and side.

    car started as a basic skylark 350 2bbl with 12 bolt rearend.
    it is coded for harvest gold paint with a harvest gold vinyl top,fairly unusual.
    asking 3000 or best offer,i already spent more than that myself.
    i dont mind realistic comments and id just like to see it go to a good home.
    this is not listed on craigslist yet.
    i will get new pictures as soon as the weather cooperates.

    k it keeps telling me error when i try to upload pics..?
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    Download a pic resize app and change to 800x450
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    Where are you,Buffalo?
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    below rochestor,and i gave up on the loading pics thingy and listed it on cl i think in elmira listings

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    thats the one

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