1970 Buick GSX 10-10 POP

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    It would be nice for a happy ending, in this case. It's just that a "happy" ending might have been expensive.
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    Back on page four I commented on knowing the original owner of this car, Roman Silenski. He said he has the original window sticker to this car and he's still looking for it.
    He said if he ever found the sticker he would give it to me so I could give it to the owner. Still waiting.
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    That would just be too cool. Just think how many were found in a file when the original owner died and were thrown away. Hopefully this happens and the OP can make a deal on the POP, which while it'd be nice to have and also nice if the old owner would simply pass it along, really isn't worth all that much. If it were me, I'd be happy @ $250 and really feel like I got taken @ $500 but would prob. pay it, especially if I had the window sticker too. Would be amazing to reunite 2 pieces of orig. docs from 2 different sources.
  4. Brian Albrecht

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    Anyone know what is going on with this?

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Nope, I got the seller down lower on the price (from $2000 to $1000 through "Make Offer" I offered $200 for a reality check lol) but don't know if the owner of the car pulled the trigger on the original paperwork or not. Maybe he will chime in.
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    The only good thing to come out of this is that it put me in touch with the original owner. We've spoken a few times over the past couple of years and it was great to hear his stories about owning the car. The second owner who has the papers is still asking way too much money for the items. I need to put that money towards fixing some paint and body issues with the car. Any shop recommendations or ones to avoid in the north DFW? PM me privately.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.
  7. Brian Albrecht

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    Merry Christmas George,

    Thank you, and can you perhaps share one or two or those original owner stories?

    What number owner are you? Did owner number 2 keep these docs with the intention of profiting from them later? Wanted a keepsake? Perhaps the car was traded in to a dealer and privacy came into play? Were they left out of a sale to decrease the selling price? Very curious as to why they were separated in the first place as Jason asked in an earlier post.
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    Let me just say if ANYONE has that kind of documentation for my 71 GSX, I'm very interested in your piece of history. Lets deal!
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  9. Torqued

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    I am the 3rd owner. I honestly believe the documents were misplaced as the 2nd owner claims. Regardless they belong with the car and the right thing to do is to keep them with the car (me). I don't think he ever expected me to get back in touch with him after 35 years and was hoping to make some extra money by selling the documents to a collector.

    Regarding the stories, the original owner worked at the plant and was able to walk the car down the line as it was being assembled. Shortly after that he got married and the car was in the wedding pictures. He then drove it out to Mt Rushmore on his honeymoon. I'd love to get a pictures of the car at this time. I find these personal use stories so interesting because the original owners bought the cars as daily driver and 50 years later it is hard to see them used like this. He claims that the salesman tried to get him to buy the Stage 2 components but he declined. He did buy the car to race though, which is why it was optioned as lightly as it is. He raced it frequently and went through 8 blocks. Since he worked at GM it was not difficult finding replacements. The failures explain why the car had a 67 430 block in it when I purchased it. He was saddened to see the pictures of the car when I got it the mid 80s. When he sold it the car didn't have any rust and the body was in otherwise great condition. The Michigan winters took their toll and the car really rusted while the 2nd owner had it. With exception of the doors and inner rear fenders I was able to get NOS pieces to replace the rot. Unfortunately the guy who did the body work then, did such a poor job that i need to have the car repainted now.
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  10. sean Buick 76

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    Pics of the car?
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    Ok guys......see attached pics of what it looked like in 1980.......I had a blast street racing this car.....Just loved it when I was able to "gap" a big block chevelle or gto.....The look on their face was crazy when beat by a Buick!! I ended up replacing the block as well with another 430ci.......I did have a real/correct 1970 Jan 455 block for the car, but it was lost in a few of the moves I made over the years......

    OK....girlfriend is hot.....but even better is I bought this car for $500 on a Sunday morning in fall 1977.....BTW, that is snow on hood/windshield

    FullSizeRender (1).jpg FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender (2).jpg
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  12. Brian Albrecht

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    Thank you for posting those great pictures! There was a well worn 10-10 in Bowling Green (thinking early to mid 90's) that was for sale @ 20k. At the time I thought it overpriced and IIRC out of Illinois. Any recollection of such a critter?
  13. Redmanf1

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    Great old pictures
  14. Duane

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    "There was a well worn 10-10 in Bowling Green (thinking early to mid 90's) that was for sale @ 20k. At the time I thought it overpriced and..................
    Any recollection of such a critter?"

    My first year at the Nats was either 88 or 89 and in the 2-rows of venders there was a 70 GSX for sale. It was a complete car/rolling chassis, minus the engine and trans and it was for sale @ 20K. I remember thinking it was very expensive, but think it got sold.

    This was the last year they had the vending/show cars by the house. The next year they did everything at the track.
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