1969 GS v. Skylark

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    Good morning,
    I am trying to determine what the physical differences are between a Skylark and a GS. Not talking performance, but more about trim and paint features? Were GS bezels blacked out or chrome? Were there any subtle interior changes? Badges, hood and grill are obvious, so I'm looking to delve deeper. Thanks.

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    I am no expert, but I can't think of any paint and trim options--meaning paint color options, interior colors, and trim/molding around windows and fender wells etc.--that were unique to GSs. I suspect you could order bucket seats in a Skylark just like you could for a GS. You might want to locate a dealer's option list that would show what could and couldn't be ordered from your local Buick dealer.
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    Depends too on whether you’re asking about a GS350 or GS400. (I think; I know in ‘68 the 400 cars got the deluxe interior but with 350 cars it was a option). Exterior, the bezels, chrome, etc. were the same. GSs came with a free optional/standard pinstripe that wasn’t available on Larks, Larks could have trim on the sweepspear line that GSs couldn’t. Skylark deluxe wheelcovers had birds on them; GS deluxe covers were different and had trishields. GSs had smooth front quarters, Larks had chrome gills behind the front wheelwells.
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