1967 Sportwagon

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by Paul from PA, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Paul from PA

    Paul from PA Well-Known Member

    Bought the car in the state of Indiana the end of June and had it repainted and love to drive it. All stock 340-4 with sixteen inch wheels and dual exhaust.

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  2. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    Looks like it's in great shape! Original woodgrain?
  3. Paul from PA

    Paul from PA Well-Known Member

    No. Car was originally off white and I thought gold would look better on her. Woodgrain came from Harbour sales made by Averey. Side moldings trimming the woodgrain were missing as the car was half primer when I purchased it. I used stick on molding that was the same size. Looks good on it. It's not a 100 point car by any stretch but as you know you can't build these off of parts in a catalog.
  4. jjaguars84

    jjaguars84 Spammer

    That's a sexy looking car Paul. Add some more pics of the inside and dash.
  5. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    Ya! It's not like building a Chevelle which I have too. I can buy that whole car new. Buicks are a little harder to do but worth the challenge!
  6. beach cruiser

    beach cruiser Well-Known Member

    Nicely done, some interior shots would be good. Always good to see another clean sportwagon.
  7. lostGS

    lostGS Well-Known Member

    great looking longroof. I love mine.

  8. FlashGumby

    FlashGumby Member


    VERY pretty. It's always nice to have some further incentive for the day when the kids are old enough that the 2-seat sportscar can become a daily driver again and the wagon can be my project. I'd love a big block SportWagon.

    Beautiful work. Please post interior shots when you can.
  9. Wayne Stevens

    Wayne Stevens Well-Known Member

    Hi, The wagon looks great! I hope you enjoy it. I remember that wagon was for sale by a fellow board member about 2 years ago. Take Care, Wayne
  10. ragtops

    ragtops Gold Level Contributor

    Did I see that car on Indianapolis craigslist? Some guy who worked on cars for a living, mechanic or body man, started on it and got tired of it and wanted to sell it, had gray primer here and there?
    You certainly made a nice wagon out of it !!!!!
  11. Paul from PA

    Paul from PA Well-Known Member

    I did find the car on craigslist. My brother lives in Indiana State and I scoured his neighborhood before visiting. Half of the car was in primer and it had the wire wheel covers on. The 14" tires were radials on the rear and bias up front. Combine that with original shocks and it was a scary ride. I did have it shipped to PA. Only drove it about twenty miles before re-do I will post more pics this week as the weather is better.
  12. rmstg2

    rmstg2 Gold Level Contributor

    Very nice Wagon. A 200 4-R behind that little 340 and you would probably see 20 plus mpg.:TU:

    bOB h.

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