1967 Special/GS 400 grille

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by Ant Legrand, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Ant Legrand

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    This grille has some cracks but with a little work I think it could be fixed up to look nice.

    Asking $75 plus shipping
    Location West Babylon NY

    4782313D-C4FA-4437-BC08-F3A5290250C9.jpeg E82760E2-A923-44E5-97C5-62A4CE9CC6E4.jpeg F0736F03-3C23-4866-8A36-B7B081AFA053.jpeg 4B5A1265-8024-4834-86BF-971F62263027.jpeg 6D1EA633-FD2B-40B9-A3F6-BD4705F28A17.jpeg AFCC79DA-2A9B-4AB4-B70E-B3B6982C8048.jpeg D32C05BA-1017-4C30-ABA9-8E6A00B13D28.jpeg 6A68462A-F504-44F9-9678-319BD29CFD2A.jpeg 699A31EB-E28B-4F63-AFDE-E14981EE3FF8.jpeg 1954BA29-28F1-4F79-B9A8-78982D3E6C1C.jpeg
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    Inline 94124
  3. 68Skylarker

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    You got a tracking # thanks

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