1967 Buick GS 400

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    My close friend built this car, I helped some, then he sold it. It is rotisserie restored. Every single nut and bolt reworked or replaced as close to original as possible. The entire car has nothing less then the best parts available. All frame, suspension, axle, drive shaft and brake parts are powder coated. All lines and exhaust is stainless steel. All correct period costings applied, Gold and Silver cad and some phosphate, including the headlight buckets.

    I've heard the car won best of show at the Michigan Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2018. Unable to confirm except word of mouth.

    And hey it runs and drive better then new...

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  2. Chi-Town67

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    That's a BEAUTIFUL '67. Probably the best i've ever seen come up for sale. Love the color combo too! I hope it brings a wheelbarrow full of cash for the seller.
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  3. 455monte

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    Beautiful car i agree!
    Curious about the ac compressor nick.
    The pulley is larger than any ive seen on 67s. My 400 car was non air and all ac cars ive seen or had were small blocks and had the smaller clutch pulley.
    Maybe larger for a car with a numerically higher ordered rear gear?
  4. Bigpig455

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    Same size pulley as my 73 Stage 1 - I think it's a standard GM hi-po item..
  5. gokitty

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    Only because your '67 has never been advertised for sale!;)

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