1966 Skylark T10

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  1. Skezix

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    Restoring a GS and it appears bell crank bushings etc are avail, the rubber seals will be easy to replicate but is there a source for the bell crank cover? (for the ball joint/fork) This one was very brittle as one would expect, I highly doubt anyone reproduces them but wanted to know what people are using.

    Thank you
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  3. Skezix

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    Oh nice! Thanks Walt I must have missed them.
  4. Skezix

    Skezix Active Member

    Another question would be, should I swap out to a hurst shifter set up on this 4 speed or stay with stock and rebuild assuming the bushings/parts are avail? Lots of play from wear, would like to stay orig but what are my options?
  5. Skezix

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    Needs to be rebuilt at the least or again, should I swap out.. This is the first time I have dealt with a "floating" situation, this mounts to the cross member and a floor brace instead of the transmission itself.

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    Well it looks like I will just rebuild. It appears bushings did not exist in this style shifter only spring retainers so no big deal there. The wear (slop) factor is just going to have to remain as there is nothing I can do about it unless I drill out for bushings and machine the ends of the rods to match. Its no wonder GM went with hurst later on, this system is sloppy and there is no real way to make up for the wear without machining all new parts.
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    I have a NOS GM body for one of these if that will help you rebuild. I had one rebuilt a few years ago, by a Chev Muncie person. I am also in the process of converting a 67 to a Hurst with and a adaptor to use the correct lift handle, or may purchase a aftermarket handle that bolts to the Hurst, that looks correct.
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    Another option for the dust shield is rework one from a dynaflow, if you search I believe there is a writeup on here or 65gs.com can't remember whete I saw it.


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