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    1965 Buick Skylark Grand Sport. This a good running and driving Grand Sport. It has its original drive-train with the 325 Horsepower 400 CI V8 engine. I have a clean Utah title in my name. Please read closely at my feedback scores on Ebay. I have over 1,000 positive feedbacks, and no negative responses. I highly value my feedback score on Ebay because I know how challenging it is to buy a car without personally checking it out.
    With the above information in mind, I will outline both the positive and negative aspects of my 1965 Buick Skylark Grand Sport. On the positive side: This is a complete, running, and driving Grand Sport. All of the glass is good, and the windows roll up and down properly. The engine starts easily and runs without any unusual sounds or smoke. The transmission shifts properly and the car drives straight. The tires are good and the brakes work properly. All of the doors, hood, and trunk align well and open and close easily. I think the Buick Skylark Grand Sport could be driven currently, but I would not advise driving it across the country. If there was a simple problem, like a fuel pump, the parts for a car that is 54 years old are not often available in a standard car parts store. There are several after-market Buick parts catalogs, but they are not like AutoZone or NAPA. The reserve on my Grand Sport is well under the cars value.
    On the negative side: 1. There is rust in the rear lower fenders on both sides. The floors are good, including the trunk floor. There are no noticeable dents in the car and all of the doors, hood, and trunk lid open and close properly. If body panels are needed, they are available in several aftermarket catalogs. All of the glass is good. 2. The engine runs well, but needs mufflers. 3. The original interior is good except the driver's front seat. Please look at the interior photos.
    Overall, this is a good running and driving 1965 Buick Skylark Grand Sport. If you have any questions about the car, please message me, and I will respond quickly. My name is Bob and my phone number is (801) 745-5835. I would be glad to talk with you about the Buick.
    I will assist the shipper you select in having the car shipped anywhere in the world. Good luck bidding and I hope my Buick finds a good home.

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