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  1. crewser

    crewser Platinum Level Contributor

    I will take them PM sent

    Jim C
  2. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    TTT adding parts today
  3. campfamily

    campfamily Well-Known Member

    Bobby - never heard from you on the flexplate. Did you ever locate it? Still interested.....

  4. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    I located it but dont have it yet i will let you know as soon as i have it thanks
  5. marbs34

    marbs34 Member

    I'd like to get that wiper linkage from you. Please let me know if you'll ship it to 60404 for $30
  6. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    shipped would be 40.00 thats 5 off
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  7. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

  8. woodchuck2

    woodchuck2 Well-Known Member

    You still have radiator brackets/mounts/bushings? Are they for the 4 core radiator? Pictures?
  9. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

  10. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    TTT pm me any needs GOING TO BPG
  11. Clanceman427

    Clanceman427 Hardtops need not apply

    Been meaning to post back about the door panels. Glad to say once again your advice was dead-on and I was able to use my heat gun to easily persuade the dried "curly ques" at the bottom back into shape and glued back for re-install in my Buick just in time for a show last week.

    I'd post pics of the panels installed but I haven't cleaned/detailed them in a thorough manner yet so I want to do them the proper justice before posting. They are on my car and doing great as-is in the meantime! Thanks again!
  12. BuckeyeBuicks

    BuckeyeBuicks Well-Known Member

    I need the front fender trim for the Skylark and also the GS you have pictured. Give me a total with shipping to 45654 and I will send payment. How do you want it? I have paypal if you like. Thanks, Mike
  13. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

  14. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Emergency Flasher SOLD DEALS bring to BG KY
    lets deal offers
  15. BuickBrat

    BuickBrat New Member

    Do you still have the linkage and kick down I'm interested for 50$
  16. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    sorry it is sold


    You dont see it I still might have it
    Driveshaft AUTO $100.00
    Decklid NO RUST some warpage 75.00
    trunk latch $20.00
    Complete glass no windshield no rear200.00 plus
    Chrome bumper bolts front 5.00 pair NEW
    doors sedan 100.00 each
    door handles 20.00 each
    Skylark door trim $20.00
    Fender Trim $20.00
    inner door trim $20.00 and $10.00
    antenna 50.00 screw for later model NEW 66
    Hood hinge $10.00 Blasted needs lubed,Painted,Assembled
    Decals $5 and $8 $34 FOR ALL SIX DELIVERED UPPER 48
    Grille support Blasted and por15 $15.00
    bumper supports one needs welded $35.00 65 BUICK
    A-ARM blasted and painted $40.00 non restored set lowers 50
    fan $15.00
    Back up lights $40.00 special skylark 65
    Jack Base $10.00
    Fan $10.00
    Spacer $5.00
    Lug wrench $10
    Battery Brackets Skylark /Special OLDS $15.00 Each
    Overflow Bracket blasted painted $15.00
    Dome lamp Wiring $10.00
    Frame linkage bracket $10.00
    Spare tire hold down clamp and wing nut blasted needs lubed and painted $20.00 complete
    Core support center bracket restored $20.00
    Inner fender support $10.00
    Front signal support bracket $20.00

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  17. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

  18. jonnymo

    jonnymo Member

    Hi bobbybuick....I know this post is a little old but was wondering if you might take a look at my "Parts Wanted" post under 65 Skylark Thin Pillar Help. I need the brackets for the quarter window that I have a good discription and picture of on the post. Just thought I would try since it looks like you had a post car at one point anyway.

    Thanks for any help you may give...Jon

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