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  1. skylarkman13

    skylarkman13 Well-Known Member

    I do not think the linkage of a 1965 because that would not be a 400/430/455 based engine so I will pass, unless you know something I don't

    Thanks, Basil
  2. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    Please pm me the payment info.

  3. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    securedownload (2).jpg
    Yes 5.25 Inches
  4. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    payment info sent
  5. Clanceman427

    Clanceman427 Hardtops need not apply

    Great I'm still interested in the panels I will pm you tonight
  6. 36threewindow

    36threewindow Well-Known Member

    Bobby, do you still have the short floor console -if so how much?
    I am also looking for 4 - 15 x 7 Rallye whees 5 x 4 3/4 bolt patern.

    Al T.
  7. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Hey Bobby! Please tell me about the DECALS? Are those repops? AND also, the 4 way emergency unit...was that a dealer installed item? Or some aftermarket source? Do you have the wiring schematics for it??

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
  8. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Not sure on decals I think repos all 6 for 40 deliverd
    flasher is rare dealer installed selling for over 400 on eBay .i want half that
  9. Inherited GS

    Inherited GS Well-Known Member

    Bob I would like to purchase the 4-way emergency flasher for $200.00 plus shipping. Could i get insurance on shipping? Zip is 62704 Thanking you in advance Scott
  10. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Sorry no Console there is one on EBAY for 2200
    i will only have one 15x7 for sale
    I do have a complete set of 4 oem 65 wheels for 350.00 driver quality
  11. Inherited GS

    Inherited GS Well-Known Member

    bob sent pm on shipping address for price Thanks Scott
  12. Inherited GS

    Inherited GS Well-Known Member

    Bob sent payment. Thanks Scott
  13. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Hey AL~T! I have some parts for a manual shift 65-72 Buick including a consolette..I sent you a PM...

    Bobby, I appologize for interrupting your thread....:eek:

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
  14. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    tracking on flasher 9405909699937348442125 insured for 200.00

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    just send the 100.00 to bobbybuick@sbcglobal.net i will ship for free .I got it cut off and ready to ship PM me the address and i will drop off in the morning

  15. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

  16. campfamily

    campfamily Well-Known Member

    Bobby - tried to send you a PM, but your mailbox is full.....still interested in the flexplate, have you had a chance to see if it is still there?


  17. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    I will check today

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    Door Panels shipped today I sent a PM paypal bobbybuick@sbcglobal.net
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  18. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    MORE STUFF Valve covers $40.00 ,bumper supports one needs welded $35.00,A-ARM blasted and painted $40,00
    fan $15.00,Back up lights $40.00,Antennas $50.00 each,Jack Base $10.00

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    Not on Motor i will keep looking may have sold it
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  19. campfamily

    campfamily Well-Known Member

    Bobby - thanks for looking, let me know if you find it.

  20. Inherited GS

    Inherited GS Well-Known Member

    Bob Got my 4-way flasher today. It is perfect, just what I wanted! Thank You! Scott:TU:

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