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  1. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    You dont see it I still might have it email bobbybuick@sbcglobal.net
    Driveshaft AUTO $100.00

    Back up lights 2 sets $50.00

    Radiator brackets $10.00 SOLD

    Decklid NO RUST some warpage 75.00 DEL only

    trunk latch $20.00
    Complete glass no windshield 300.00 plus

    Chrome bumper bolts front 5.00 pair NEW
    doors sedan 100.00 each

    door handles 20.00 each

    Skylark door trim $20.00
    Fender Trim $20.00
    Linkage with kickdown $50.00
    inner door trim $20.00 and $10.00
    Brake pedal complete $45.00
    E-Brake $45.00
    antennas 50.00 screw for later model
    elliptical one SOLD

    Hood hinge $20.00
    Wiper linkage $30.00
    Mirror $10.00
    Decals $5 and $8 $34 FOR ALL SIX DELIVERED UPPER 48
    Grille support Blasted and por15 $15.00

    Valve covers $40.00
    bumper supports one needs welded $35.00
    A-ARM blasted and painted $40.00

    fan $15.00
    Back up lights $40.00
    Jack Base $10.00

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  2. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Make offer
  3. Mr. Speed

    Mr. Speed Member

    Bob, i'm Looking for mint interior door ornaments for a 65 GS. Ed
  4. 36racin

    36racin Platinum Level Contributor

    On the larger parts you could ship Grey Hound bus fairly reasonable. I shipped a 66 lark trunk lid from Cali to south Louisiana for $58. Three days to deliver to station. Actually quicker than regular shipping. You would have to bring it to a local bus station if you have one locally.
  5. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Thanks I have done that it is about on hour away though.Also on the buick emblem I have some pretty nice ones not new but nice off a post car .the door panels are different
  6. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    1000s of 65 GS PARTS
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  7. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    JUST ASK I might have it
  8. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    The lid won't stay closed on my console, Part of the lock/latch under the lid is broken, the lower part is fine.
    You wouldn't happen to have a spare latch would you?
  9. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    the one that mounts to the dash the lid clips to?
  10. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    No Bob, I'm referring to the floor console lid, not glove box.
  11. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    sorry cant help you
  12. la 65 gs

    la 65 gs Well-Known Member

    Tom, console latch is available new repro for about $10.00. Loren
  13. scott kerns

    scott kerns Silver Level contributor

    Where can you find the console latch?

  14. la 65 gs

    la 65 gs Well-Known Member

    The $10.00 is for a used one, non locking by the looks of it. E bay item 380355339751. There are also complete locking / key reproduction for something like $35.00. I found it by doing an E bay search "Buick console lock" or "Corvette console lock" . I had seen the reproduction a long time ago in a Corvette restoration shop. Looks just like a '65 Buick lock. Sorry about the misinformation on price in previous post. Loren

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    Also found it under "Chevelle console lock".
  15. skylarkman13

    skylarkman13 Well-Known Member

    I am interested in your 1966 core support, what would shipping be to 63074?

    PM sent

    Thanks Basil
  16. Clanceman427

    Clanceman427 Hardtops need not apply

    I need 1964 Buick special deluxe 2 door door panels but maybe you have 65 2 door post door panels that would work as well? Sick of bare door shells and my search for 64 panels is coming up short.
  17. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    Was from a restored car parked in a garage and house caught fire this is from a car I used the frame on one spot needs welded and it needs blasted and painted and it would be perfect
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  18. jcc

    jcc Well-Known Member


    I am looking for a glove box door lock.

  19. skylarkman13

    skylarkman13 Well-Known Member

    Interested in the core support?

    Where are you located?

    Would you ship it?

    How much to 63074?

    Thanks Basil
  20. 65skylark300

    65skylark300 Silver Level contributor

    Do you still happen to have the right front fender for the 65 you told me about a few weeks ago?

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