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  1. jiml65

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    Could someone help me decode this cowl tag?

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  2. thepartsman

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    1965 Skylark Convertible (4467) assembled at Baltimore (BAL) 4th week of June 1965 (04D).
    It has Ivory Bucket seat interior (154) and a white exterior (C) with a black top (2).
    (info not in front of me) possibly with a Power trunk release.
  3. wkillgs

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    And it's a GS!
    The Baltimore cars didn't include many codes about installed options. But the 'S' is for the GS package. That's the one that counts.:TU:
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    thanks guys,

    I did buy the car, its my first Gran Sport. I have owned a 65 Skylark for about 11 years now. My first car was a 65 Skylark that I owned in high school, and I've loved the body style ever since then. This GS still need a lot of work but you just cant find them anymore. I'm off to 65GS.com to post my new ride ;-)

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