1965 Buick Skylark: I am Installing Sequential LED Tail Lights

Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by 1989GTA, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Briz, I'm new to v8buick.com, but I have been following this engineering and install with great interest. I have a '65 Skylark with suspect tail lights and turn signals. You mentioned that you knew of a Skylark setup for LED tail lights/ turn signals, and that you put a similar unit in your Riv. Is this a LED strip board setup as opposed to the LED bulb setup? I don't necessarily need the Sequential aspects of the United Pacific harness modified. Can you make a recommendation based on your experience?
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    This company had boards for the 70 - 72 A body cars. https://digi-tails.com/

    This company has a kit I used on the Riv and uses plug in bulbs with a digital flasher relay http://www.mustangproject.com/ProductDisplay.aspx?ID=43ac026a-7a20-459f-bd09-266ed8355e33
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    Still in the middle of rewiring the whole car, but here is a picture of them lit up. You'll have to wait another weekend or two for me to get the wiring done to get a video of the sequential turn signal.

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    I thought the side turning on for BRAKE should not be sequential at all,
    3 lights come on at once? The 68 used a motor driving mechanical
    switches. Bruce Roe
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    DO the LED's light up red or white? This is a great system! I always hated how the factory bulbs grounded. and sometimes half way fall out. Then a very nice looking car has a stupid looking light out. Always a personal pet peeve of mine.
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    Nice! How does it look when the brakes lights are on? Does the flashing side just flash while the other side is solid?
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    You are correct, one side flashes while the other is bright/solid

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