1963-65 BUICK RIVIERA Vintage, Original-Style Muffler. Never Used.

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    This is an original, factory-fit transverse muffler for 1963 to 1965 BUICK Riviera (all, but GS). This quality muffler has never been used. The weight, quality of materials, and factory construction technique of this vintage muffler puts the current reproduction Riviera transverse muffler to shame. This baby is built to last. The muffler is an exact fit replacement. and matches the visual appearance of the BUICK Riviera transverse muffler.

    I believe this muffler is not a GM piece, but was perhaps made to sell in the aftermarket by one of the vendors who originally supplied Buick. Perhaps made by Arvin, Maremont, or Walker. I've had original GM Riv transverse mufflers before, and this one I'm selling looks and feels like them. The code "2Y1 84203200" is embossed in the body of this muffler.

    Again, this muffler has never been used. It does have some surface rust areas in the galvanized muffler body from sitting around in storage for 50 years or more. The un-galvanized pipe inlets and flanges and the tailpipe outlets did have some surface rust on them, again from storage over the years. I did treat these areas with a rust inhibitor. My photos show the top, bottom, and both ends of the muffler. So, there won't be any surprises.

    The price of this quality, period aftermarket Riviera muffler at just a few dollars more than that of the current reproduction muffler....$225, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John
    001 (800x498).jpg 004 (800x647).jpg 010 (800x422) (2).jpg 007 (800x620).jpg 013 (800x596).jpg
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    I've had a couple of Riv GS owners think about modifying the inlet and outlet pipe sizes to accommodate their stock GS exhaust system, but that does seem like a lot of work. As of now, this never-used, (all but GS) Riviera vintage transverse muffler is still available. Thanks for looking again. John
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    This Riviera muffler has been SOLD. John

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