1961 special wagon

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    Hello. just bought a 61 special wagon. have a 2 door coop already. Needs lots of work, but ran numbers. One of 1782 of that model made. Has the 215 4brl. 2 seat. Needs paint but was white with red intierier white headliner. Was parked in a junkyard since 1970 has under 3000 original miles on the clock. I believe that someone had used antifreeze not compatible with the aluminum engine and locked it up. then parked it. Has been pushed in on front drivers corner sum, the junkyard owner remembers that that happened while it was in the yard. unibody still good, need to replace some corners of the floor pans. have rolling running gear from my coop under it now " coop is getting big block and diffrent running gear". Will rebuld 215 someday. Block and crank are great. Heads are pitted bad. may have to find some from a rover. Putting a 68 350 in, in the spring. THEN DRIVE. OOOO YEH.

    Thomas Brown
    Killdeer ND
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    sounds cool.. lets see some pictures

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