1958 Exhaust Muffler Help wanted

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by Century58, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Century58

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    The Mufflers on my Century are rusty, so i am looking for new ones. Found Waldron and Classic Exhaust for Original. But it is very expansive to get it to Germany. Will pay over 200 $ Shipping and Tax.
    In Germany i can get some Magnaflow / Dynomax Mufflers. Because off German Law it has to be a quiet Muffler!
    The best fitment I‘ve found is the 11224 Magnaflow Straight Through Performance
    13214 Magnaflow XL Multi Chamber Performance (quiter than 11224?!)
    17427 Dynomax Trush Turbo
    17730 Dynomax Super Turbo
    Someone here with experience on aftermarket mufflers on a 58 Century?

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  3. 322bnh

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  4. Century58

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    Thanks for the Link, but i do not want to buy in the USA, because of shipping and Tax
  5. Century58

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    So, now i did another way. Throwed out the two back Muffler and put in 2" tube. Sounds great and not much louder than before and costs only 80§ :):p

    6BD938D4-D361-41C7-AAAB-C56530E00B0B.jpg IMG_1516.JPG IMG_1514.JPG IMG_1515.JPG IMG_1513.JPG IMG_1517.JPG
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  6. Houmark

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    Sounds good.. How does it sound in higher revs and under losd?
  7. Century58

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    At higher revs it becomes quieter and even in driving mode there is hardly any change compared to before. However, it is clearly noticeable that the car accelerates better. It "breathes more freely".
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  8. Electra man

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    Those were resonators that you removed. Their soul purpose is to remove the v8 rumble at idle from the exhaust. They're there to remove the single most enjoyable sound to come from any vehicle exhaust. It doesn't make sense!
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  9. Century58

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    :DDont know what Kind of Muffler this was, they were Hand Made in Jakarta, when the Car was running there.
    I Will cut them open next time and look inside

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