1918 Buick touring car

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by 68 Wildcat, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. 68 Wildcat

    68 Wildcat Wildcat parts? What Wildcat parts?

  2. 66electrafied

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    Jeez...it's 100 years old. Looks like it'll run, but...it's 100 years old. Where would a guy drive such a thing? Good deal on a 100 year old car though, all things considered, that's cheap for something that runs and drives.
  3. chucknixon

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    The 1918 for sale is three years older than the 1921 I bought at Mecum Indy but mine has been completely restored top to bottom and I have the original history book on the restoration that was over $46K in 1980 and then maintained every three years after that by restorer.

    This car for sale at $13,500 would be fun to drive but plan on $2000 - 2500 for a new interior maybe more if you did leather like it came with. Mechanically who knows?

    I just drove mine below for the first time today and what fun!

    IMG_1462 - Copy.jpg
  4. My3Buicks

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    These older Buick's are a hoot to drive, they can also be a major handful lol. Yours looks like a really nice example Chuck.
  5. chucknixon

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    Drove the 21 again today and I am having to learn the shift pattern is a 180 degrees from the normal H pattern, In the 21 three speed trans the reverse is on the upper right of the H, first is straight down to right lower leg of H and then 2nd up, over and up again to the left upper leg of the H and third straight down from 2nd. Trans not synchronized so some double clutching needed. Mechanical brakes rear wheels only and a bit soft right now. Will be removing wheels and drums this coming week to see what we can see.

    Looking forward to an ice cream social out and about with grand kids:D
  6. 68 Wildcat

    68 Wildcat Wildcat parts? What Wildcat parts?

    I saw a 20's model T at a car show and it had a wilwood disc brake conversion in the rear. It still had the wood wheels and wasn't a very noticeable mod. I'm sure it would make the car more enjoyable to drive. I did ask my wife to take pics, but I'm not sure they are still around. That's quite a departure from a more modern shift pattern. My 914 floorshift had reverse top left (no detent) with first down below, second where 3rd. should be etc. I never let anyone drive the car as even after being told, they would try to put it in first and engage reverse.
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