15" Wide White Wall tires

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by 1972Mach1, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Looking for a set of at least 2" but preferably 3" WWW tires in hopefully 235/75R15 size for my Caddy. 225 width or 70 series will also work. I know it's a long shot, but I know a lot of guys on here don't like them, and a lot of other people put them on Buicks, so figured maybe someone would have a set laying around they took off a car they bought. If you do and you want to sell them, PM me. I'm going to run these out for the rest of the year, but will be needing a set come March or so.....Trying to avoid paying $250/tire from Coker.....Thanks!
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    Do they sell the old school inserts still.
    Aka flappers
    Or wait until one of those eBay coupon codes.
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    They do still, but apparently the port-o-walls are only good on bias tires because of the sidewall profile and flex of radials, which I want to avoid running bias tires if I can help it. It might be going thin whites next (like $60/tire for regular whites), becuase I'd rather fuel inject my f100 for the same cost as putting new cokers on the caddy. And I forget about the coupons! That'll help for sure.
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    OK Lucas: There seems to be an abundance of these tires around used. I got a few sets for my cars from guys in our BCA Chapter. They drive all over the joint and the tires were excellent....just old. I believe many old car people are in this situation. If you were here I'd make you a smokin' deal on 3" fat white biased old tires. Mitch
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    235/75 15's are to narrow for that car and won't look good. Go with 255/70R15's you will like the look and they are the same height as a 235/75r15.
    That been said you will have to go to Coker or Diamondback to get them. Diamond back makes a better tire than coker because their molds are newer. Coker uses old BFG molds and have found that they don't balance as well (for this size of tire). The first pic is with 235/75R15's. I took them off and installed 255/70R15's shown in the second pic..... it's hard to tell but the first ones looked waaaay too skinny for this size of car.

    23737596_10212326464731446_1466138148169169755_o.jpg 38834155_10214258173342954_1274724535148478464_n.jpg
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    It's got 235/75 Cokers on it now. I like them, and they're bigger than stock. Plus, they already rub my skirt lock levers on hard corners, any wider and I'd have a white wall with a black stripe and smoke rolling every time I drove. And I did have to do tire beads in them to balance.....there's about 10 other wide white brands out there, by the way. But they're all about the same price.
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

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