Ever seen a hunters trunk in a Skylark?

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  1. Aus91R
    I like it.
  2. RoseBud68
    If thats the look your going for, than more power to ya. I think it looks cool.
  3. 1970BlackBird
    No they won't, very true. But, most don't know a spark plug from a freeze plug now'adays
  4. RoseBud68
    If people are that dumb to confuse the two cars than they will never get it.....
  5. 1970BlackBird
    People always confused my Buick for the Impala, so that's how it started lol! Plus, my brothers name is Dean
  6. RoseBud68
    LOL....Not many would get that. I only know that because I have a daughter that used to watch the show.
  7. 1970BlackBird
    Thanks! So, it started as a joke and it ended up looking good, so I kept it lol
  8. RoseBud68
    Wow like in the TV show "Super Natural" WOW
  9. 1970BlackBird
    lol wow as in good wow ?
  10. RoseBud68