New Garage Comments

  1. Jason I Foca
    Your GS-350 California is beautiful!!!
  2. vancouver z
    awesome car... disc or drum front brakes?
  3. Will Petrie
    Very cool build. Rat rods are so signature to each person there are never two the same. I really like the Buick engine in the C10.
  4. Will Petrie
    [IMG][IMG] My motor Mounts see right.... New ones see left.
  5. Will Petrie
  6. Will Petrie
    So its been a while since I had an update here. Sorry lots of work and school (senior year and Collage prep) anyway. I brought the Vet to a local exhaust shop for some leads hooked up into the dual exhaust already on the car. While there the...
  7. Wild67
    Nice job! I have a 67 Wildcat. I am wondering who did your interior? Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks Mark
  8. Dan Barnett