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  1. muzdc
  2. skymangs
    82k, buckets/console, sport grip wheel, console tach, vintage air, 1200 watt stereo. 3:07 posi, adj upper cont. arms, boxed lowers, UMI sway bar, UMI upper/lower cont. arm connectors, T/A cover, tubular front control arms, solid tie rod...
  3. Dreamlark
    My project coming along....
  4. bos
    that's what they're really for have fun
  5. Tony serra
    Sweet ride no doubt. Love the triple black! Is it for sale or trade?
  6. Darron72Skylark
    Also installed all new Moog tie rod ends, center link, and idler arm, then a quick ratio 700 series Borgeson steering box (12.7:1)
  7. 66electrafied
    Could you do me a favour and shoot me a picture of the cornering light with the measurements in it, (height away from the bumper, distance from the corner) I've got a set of these that I'd like to cut into my Electra and I need to figure out...
  8. Electra Bob
  9. 68 Wildcat
    Wow, this may make me reconsider changing the color of my Wildcat which is also Burnished saddle. Gary
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  10. 70skylark350
    man I love that color!
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