New Garage Comments

  1. Chuck Weimer
    I found a similar car on Craigslist posting ID 6462111504, listed by Jim 602 448 2863 for 75K
  2. knucklebusted
    Impressive work! Have you mounted it and test it yet?
  3. Rob73Buick
  4. flynbuick
    If you want to offer this car for sale a thread needs to be opened in the For Sale section. This is not the correct section.
  5. PGSS
    Just about the most beautiful 67 GS iv'e seen,, Just WOW!
  6. John garvey
    This car has all original body panels/67 Buick gs 400 brings code, 4 speed mucie, positraction rear end stock 3:36 gears
  7. skymangs
    looks beautiful! 66-7 Rivs are quite possibly the perfect car.
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  8. skymangs
  9. Chi-Town67
    This probably should be moved to the "Lost and found " or maybe "cars wanted" forum. Nice car BTW!
  10. BYoung
    Beautiful car Jerry!
  11. killrbuick66455
  12. Rosemarie Seppala
    Would you happen to have a extra 1970-1972 ram hood, grille, headlamp buckets, chrome trim rings radiator support, front bumper w/spoiler available for sale or perhaps someone you know that has these parts available?
  13. Rob73Buick