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  1. 69GS400s
    BadAss Wagon .. does it ever get out to play ?
  2. 66electrafied
    Added a shot; - the Electra as a tourist attraction, photographed at the Tswassen ferry terminal outside of Vancouver. These fellas were standing around shooting pictures when I came out of the can...they'd never seen a car like this before!
  3. Rossco Mason
    Very impressive Todd
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  4. sean Buick 76
  5. GranSportSedan
    I love how much this color changes in the sunshine [IMG]
  6. Bigpig455
    I love this car, but what happened here? Did this car go from red to blue, and 71 to 72 to 71 again?
  7. BigRed69
    Beautiful Buick!!
  8. Bridgford
    Nice, much more functional than mine currently is. I like the buckets, as I have a bench seat. I have been sitting on mine for 16 years, and I think I am finally going to get started working on it this summer. Kids launched, weddings should be...
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  9. 2001ws6
    Nice John! Cant wait to see more pics of your progress. :cool:
  10. greatscat
    Hmmm. looks familiar. I have a candidate though. Very similar but with a little bigger bullet. heh-heh.
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  11. cb67
    Great cars, must say I love the Electra :cool:
  12. white72gs455
    any more pics of the Crystal Blue? I had a 72 way back when that was the same or close. My current one is white...
  13. wunquik86'
    I'll second that. I'd love to see a complete set of pics. The 80's Buick and Cutlass Olds just had that; I could be fast, look about em'. Love to have a description of the full car, engine, etc. How about it Jim?
  14. Short_Crank
    I'd like to see more pictures of this car.
  15. stab6902
    I agree, I love the blue paint with the red stripes on the rocker trim.
  16. sriley531
    Ahhh, the car that inspired my madness. Stellar ride Sir!!
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  17. sriley531
    Looking good my friend! Love those valve covers, they really POP!
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    That is going to be another great '72. I love the Hunter Green '72s. Good luck with the project.
    Really good looking '72.