New Garage Comments

  1. Jim Weise
    That is the car I had thru the 90's.. sold it in 2002 to a guy in Hawaii.. I have more pictures somewhere, will see if I can find them and load them up. It was a 3100 lbs back half car, with an iron headed 455 that ran 10.50's.
  2. gssizzler
    Love it 66 custom coupe just like my first car and first buick! Mine was Verde green!
  3. gssizzler
    Nice car! Unfortunately four doors and wagons get over looked! Not by me! When I go out to Montana I get to drive my buddies 66 cat four door! I take it to the car show ,to the burger stand and to dinner! Last year we drove it to the steak house...
  4. JohnKaz
    Hey, what type of paint is that and what was the cost? It's really eye-catching!
  5. dyll
    whats it going in? like what buick is it in right now, and man how did it get that bad??!!
  6. Darron72Skylark
    I like it - what color of blue is that?
  7. Vito DAmbrosio
    Interesting that it appears you have a 4 speed console with a tach, an automatic in its place and a column shift! Really like the Buick slots on the front fender!
  8. Vito DAmbrosio
    That's a good lookin ride! Always liked the boxy body style.
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